Lecture: Unawareness of Heartbreak

Public lecture at the Paul Mellon Centre, London on 26.10.2017.

In this talk Sophie Ernst considers ‘What is Progress?’, ‘What is Memory?’ and ‘What is Art?’.

Video interview

KABK, Den Haag, 2016. Interviewer: Lotte Betting.

An interview with Sophie Ernst in the exhibition ‘Memory: Architecture of Belonging’, installed in the gallery of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague from 30.11. – 8.12. December 2016 on the occasion of the public defense of her dissertation at Leiden University.

Lecture: HOME, Lines, Places, Stories

Institut d’études avancées de Paris, 14.03. 2014.

Dans le cadre du colloque international – Figurer l’exil, Sophie ERNST introduit le concept de l’exil à travers son projet HOME. Le projet HOME confronte les troubles politiques et les mémoires individuelles d’endroits considérés comme imaginaires, puisque relevant de l’esprit des individus même s’ils ont existé.

Video Interview

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2012. Interviewer: Helen Pheby

A short film about HOME, a project by artist Sophie Ernst. HOME is a major ongoing project confronting political turmoil and displacement with individual memories of home and ideal places. Ernst interviews people forced to leave their homes due to political upheaval, such as during the Partition of South Asia in 1947, and builds an architectural model of the houses they describe. She then projects onto this sculpture video footage of the person’s hands as they describe their memory of that building, transforming the inanimate object into a virtually inhabited space, and ascribing a profound intimacy.